• Mini Multifunctional Milling Bench Drill Working Vise Table Machine Worktable

    eBay Similar Items Description Feature: -Three Y-slots of the standard size 15*8*6 mm are provided. -The movable ruler scale eases the positioning of the table. -Zero adjustable hand wheels are calibrated to provide 1.25 mm movement per revolution. -One d ...  More

  • Asphalt Seal Coating Squeegee 48" Made in the USA

    eBay Asphalt Seal Coating Squeegee 48" Made of lightweight aluminum with a neoprene blade withstands temperatures up to 220 degrees and is clamped to the head for easy change or reverse of the blade. Blade angle designed for easy working angle and quick break-in period. Comes with an 84-inch handle. ...  More

  • Kraft Tool Steel Asphalt Rake Made in the USA

    eBay Steel Asphalt Rake Heavy-duty construction and designed for tough use in asphalt paving. 12-inch long shank provides extra reach to burn asphalt build up. Sturdy wood handle is 66-inches long, the overall length is 78-inches long "Click Here to view our complete selection of Asphalt ...  More

  • Asphalt Crack Hoe Made in USA

    eBay Asphalt Crack Hoe V-shaped 2-inch x 4-inch steel head, cleans cracks before sealing. Come with a 5-foot handle. Kraft Tool Model No. GG812 "Click Here to view our complete selection of Asphalt Tools" Combined ShippingWe offer combined shipping on all our items. Shipping is combined based on ...  More

  • Sandvik Asphalt Milling Bits 50 Pcs. Cold Milling asphalt planer.

    eBay Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped Road-Planing Bits fit your Planers. These bits are manufactured using the finest virgin tungsten-carbide powder, and sintered into a bullet-style design that’s silver-soldered at the end of a hardened tool steel shank, assuring cost-effective service life. Select this style of planing bit for ...  More

  • Blackout Asphalt Remover


  • Rust-Oleum Glacier Gray Blend Color Chip Concrete Coating Free Shipping


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